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The KabelKiosk is a program and service platform for independent cable network operators and operators of IP networks. The operator has been the German subsidiary M7Deutschland GmbH , Cologne , since 2014 , and the Luxembourg- based M7 Group SA network operators of all sizes can currently find around 130 German and foreign-language pay-TV channels in SD and HD quality for their own digital TV offers. With the help of the KabelKiosk, network operators can put together their own digital TV offerings and offer them to their end customers independently. The KabelKiosk platform services are currently used by more than 270 independent cable network operators in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The technical reach amounts to more than 3.7 million digital households.

Sales models

There are two models for KabelKiosk partners. In the reseller model, the network operator markets independently to its customers. The KabelKiosk provides comprehensive marketing material that can be used for individual advertising in your own corporate design . A central customer management system enables customer management. In addition, the network operator has legal certainty with regard to the relevant media and licensing issues relating to the KabelKiosk programs.

Eutelsat also offers the so-called pass-through model. Based on a cooperation agreement between Eutelsat and the cable network operator, its customers can order all packages directly from KabelKiosk. With the pass-through model, KabelKiosk strengthens network operators in particular who want Eutelsat to carry out the marketing and end customer management. In the pass-through model, only minor investments are required by the partner at the cable headends. The KabelKiosk markets the offer directly to end customers. This eliminates the marketing risk on the part of the network operator with a guaranteed revenue share. The KabelKiosk takes care of customer management, invoicing, debt collection, the customer hotline and other services such as the coordination of logistics and storage of receivers and smart cards. Partners do not incur any costs for advertising and marketing.

HD offers

KabelKiosk offers numerous German and foreign language program packages. With the digital package BasisHD, network operators can implement the transition from analogue to digital cable television. Network operators do not have to invest in their own expensive encryption and subscriber management system (SMS - Subscriber Management System). The network operators receive from the KabelKiosk all the necessary technical and logistical aids to manage their end customers independently.

The BasisHD package contains 36 digital free TV channels in SD quality as well as the 8 channels RTL HD , Sat.1 HD , Pro 7 HD , VOX HD , Kabel eins HD , sixx HD , RTL II HD and Super RTL HD in HD -Quality. This basic offer is basically open to all cooperation partners and interested network operators.

Additional HD channels can be received as an option. The FAMILYHD package contains the six HD programs Spiegel TV Wissen HD , AXN HD , National Geographic Channel HD , Discovery Channel HD , Fuel TV HD and FOX HD as well as 27 channels of different genres from feature films to wellness to cartoons and documentaries that partly also available in English, in SD quality. The HD Extra package also contains the six HD programs HD, Fashion TV HD , Mezzo Live HD, TRACE Urban HD, Fashion One HD and TRACE Sports HD. Eutelsat wants to gradually expand its offer with further German and international pay TV channels in HDTV picture and sound quality. Eutelsat KabelKiosk's HD offering currently comprises more than 20 channels.

Entertainment channels

With Lifestyle, Documentation & News, Music & Emotion and HD Extra, the KabelKiosk also offers four themed bouquets for addressing different target groups. The network operator has different combination options. He can market the themed packages individually or offer them as "3Play" in connection with TV, Internet and telephony services.

The Eutelsat KabelKiosk also includes the MTV Tune Inn package, a range of music for different styles. With the programs MTV Rocks, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, VH1 Europe and VH1 Classic, it offers a wide selection of pop, soul, R'n'B, hip-hop, club and dance music, alternative rock and metal.

Foreign language programs

The current foreign language offer in the KabelKiosk is made up of more than 30 programs, which are divided into the nine languages ​​Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Serbian, English, Portuguese and Spanish according to target groups. These include German premieres such as Mediaset Italia or premium offers such as DIGITURK EURO an offer with the Turkish football channel LIG TV and Türkmax as well as the RTVi channels for the Russian-speaking target group.

HbbTV portal KabelKiosk choice

With KabelKiosk choice, Eutelsat has developed a service that is based on the HbbTV standard and links television and the Internet. Red button services enable intuitive access to the portal without media disruption. The service offers viewers additional information and on-demand content on the current program. For choice at ANGA Cable 2012, KabelKiosk presented “meinFernsehen”, an extended program guide, simplified integration options for video podcasts and RSS feeds as well as display options for local weather information and news. In addition, there is the integration of a registration portal, multi-tenant administration and management systems, an HbbTV configurator and a monitoring tool that gives network operators full control over transactions and requests. In addition to on-demand services or web shop functionalities, KabelKiosk opens up a wide range of options for network operators that cooperate in this way, including: a. for telemedia services. The service is available on HbbTV-compliant digital receivers and will later also be available on televisions.

The programs of the Eutelsat KabelKiosk are fed to the cable head-end stations via the Eutelsat 9B satellite at the orbital position 9 ° East .

Technical platform / encryption

Eutelsat advocates a technical platform with encryption. Especially with regard to the digital receiver, which is necessary for receiving the digital programs of the cable kiosk. At the request of its partners from the cable and housing industry, Eutelsat encrypts in Conax and NDS. Eutelsat generally recommends using digital receivers with one or more CI + slots.

Eutelsat KabelKiosk offers Common Interface Plus modules (CI +) for digital TV reception of NDS encrypted content. CI + modules are also available for decoding Conax. With these CI + modules, customers can watch encrypted digital programs in SD and HD quality directly on a suitable television with an integrated DVB-C tuner and a CI + interface.

At the beginning of November 2013, the SD programs of both major German television chains left the KabelKiosk because the Federal Cartel Office had banned them from broadcasting them in encrypted form. A few other stations also left the KabelKiosk at the time. At the same time, most of the other free TV channels were switched on unencrypted (11,785 MHz, horizontal, 27,500 k symbols, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 8PSK). This means that these stations can now also be received in large parts of the Middle East, Northern Scandinavia and Russia (provided the satellite is in sight).

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