Cabinet Müller I (Baden-Württemberg)

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The Müller I cabinet was appointed on October 7, 1953 in the state constituent assembly of Baden-Württemberg, after Gebhard Müller was elected Prime Minister on September 30, 1953. After the state parliament passed the new constitution on November 11, 1953, the state assembly was converted into a state parliament on November 19, when it came into force. In the course of this, the Müller cabinet resigned on November 16, in order to be re-elected and sworn in at the first session of the state parliament on November 19, 1953 - and with the same composition.

Cabinet Müller I - October 7 to November 16, 1953
Prime Minister Gebhard Müller CDU
Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister for the Economy
Hermann Veit SPD
Judiciary Wolfgang Haussmann FDP / DVP
Interior Fritz Ulrich SPD
Cult Wilhelm Simpfendörfer CDU
Finances Karl Frank FDP / DVP
Food, Agriculture and Forestry Eugene Leibfried CDU
job Ermin Hohlwegler SPD
Displaced persons, refugees and war victims Eduard Fiedler GB / BHE
Federal affairs Oskar Farny CDU
Councilors of State Anton Dichtel and Friedrich Werber CDU

Individual evidence

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