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Coffee creamer is a white, powdery, milk powder- like substance that is used as a milk substitute for coffee and tea .

The advantage of the creamer compared to milk is that it does not dilute the drink. Since coffee creamer does not contain any liquid, it has a very long shelf life. In large coffee machines, coffee creamer is usually used instead of milk because of its better shelf life. The name for the drink is therefore “coffee white” instead of “coffee with milk” or “milk coffee”.

Coffee whitener containing lactose

In Central Europe, coffee creamer is mainly used, which mainly consists of glucose syrup (approx. 50%), fat (dried milk fat or hydrogenated vegetable fats such as coconut or palm kernel oil) (approx. 20%) and milk sugar (lactose). In addition, sugar , extracts of various plants (e.g. vanilla , peanut ) and flavorings are often added.

Calcium phosphate ( E341 ) is often used as a release agent to prevent clumping during dissolution or due to humidity .

Non-dairy creamer

There are also coffee whiteners that contain neither milk fat nor milk sugar, but only sodium caseinate , a casein derivative (milk protein). In English-speaking countries this is not considered a dairy product and is referred to as a " non-dairy creamer ". In the case of lactose intolerance , which is common worldwide , this product, e.g. B. in the USA or Asia , more common than lactose-containing coffee creamer. Despite the designation non-dairy , this type of coffee creamer is considered a dairy product by Jews and vegans because it contains casein . Also, non-dairy creamer is available with many flavor additives .

The first milk sugar-free creamer, Coffee-Mate , was launched by Nestlé in 1961 . Today it contains approx. 64% glucose syrup , 30.5% vegetable fat and 2.1% sodium caseinate .

Purely plant-based coffee whitener

Coffee whitener on a purely plant basis is now available in many countries, including Germany. In addition to people with lactose intolerance , the buyers of this product class of coffee whiteners are also vegans and vegetarians .


An alternative to coffee creamer is what is known as topping. The protein and fat content of the coffee whitener is increased, which leads to a significant improvement in taste. Topping is very popular in vending machines because the mechanically whipped milk foam lasts longer. Topping is about twice as expensive as a classic coffee creamer.

Alternative use

In addition, coffee whitener is also used as an inexpensive substitute for bear moss spores to create pyrotechnic effects.


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