Vegetable fat

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Structural formula of a triglyceride - the main component of vegetable fats.

Vegetable fats are fats ( lipids ) obtained from oil plants .


Vegetable fats include vegetable oils , which are liquid at room temperature, but also solid or semi-solid ( spreadable ) vegetable fats. Vegetable fats are esters - more precisely triple esters - of glycerol with fatty acids, so-called triglycerides . Their extraction and classification is analogous to that of vegetable oils, partly with heating of the raw material to liquefy the fats.

Solid vegetable fats

Among the solid vegetable fats, among other Bacuributter ( Platonia Insignis ) Baobabsamenöl , Baobab oil ( Adansonia spp. ), Illipe (borneo, Tenkawangfett; Shorea spp. And mowrah ( madhuca longifolia )) Cupuacu butter ( Theobroma grandiflorum ), Phulwarabutter ( Diploknema butyracea ) , Japan wax , coconut oil , cocoa butter , Katiaufett ( Madhuca motleyana ), kokum ( Garcinia indica ), mango butter ( Mangifera indica ), astrocaryum murumuru , nutmeg butter , palm kernel oil , palm oil , sal ( Shorea robusta ), shea butter , Tucumabutter ( Astrocaryum tucuma ) Virolafett , Ocubawachs , Ucuuba oil and also Ucuuba butter ( Virola sebifera , Virola surinamensis ).

Liquid vegetable fats

Liquid vegetable fats include canola oil , sunflower oil , soybean oil , linseed oil, and pumpkin seed oil , among others .


Vegetable fats are mainly used as edible fats , but also as fats for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.


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