Calendar of Delos

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The Delos calendar is a Greek calendar from the Ionian calendar group that was in use on the Cycladic island of Delos .

The calendar dates are from an inscription from the year 270/69 BC discovered by Théophile Homolle in 1878 . Fully known. The inscription contains all the names of the months in the correct order starting from the beginning of the year. The month of Panemos is also attested as a leap month .

The best known Ionic calendar, the Attic calendar, serves as a reference calendar for locating the months of the year . The month of July corresponds roughly to the Hekatombaion in the Julian calendar .

Calendar of Delos Attic calendar
Hekatombaion ( Ἑκατομβαιών ) Hekatombaion
Metageitnion ( Μεταγειτνιών ) Metageitnion
Buphonion ( Βουφονιών ) Boëdromion
Apaturion ( Ἀπατουριών ) Pyanopsion
Aresion ( Ἀρησιών ) Maimacterion
Posideon ( Ποσιδεών ) Poseideon
Lenaion ( Ληναιών ) Gamelion
Hieros ( Ἱερός ) Anthesterion
Galaxion ( Γαλαξιών ) Elaphebolion
Artemision ( Ἀρτεμισιών ) Munichion
Targelion ( Ταργηλιών ) Thargelion
Panemos ( Πάνημος ) Skirophorion



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