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Modern form of chopping with slaked lime
Starting point of the lime track

The drawing of a lime track , also called corn streak , is an old tradition in large parts of Germany and Austria to bring two loving or not yet loving people together or to give the public a hint about the secret love life of those involved. The corn streak is a custom in May, whereas the lime streak can be drawn all year round.

In the past, chopped straw or sawdust was often used to draw tracks, but lime has become the method of choice in recent times .

At the respective ends of the lime track, a heart with the two initials is drawn with the watering can . In some villages it is customary for the limestone trail to cross the market square or another central point in the village.

Corn streak

On the evening of 30 April in many parts are in Central and Northern Europe Maibäume solemnly erected and guarded.

In some places this festival is also accompanied by drawing a maize line. In addition to the above, two love poems have to be prepared, which are applied to the two lovers on the street.

Wedding customs

In connection with a wedding, there is also the custom of leaving traces. Immediately before the wedding celebrations, so-called “Häckselpättken” made of chopped wood or sawdust, which lead to the spurned of a bride and groom, are sometimes spread out. A disparaging custom, on the other hand, was the previously widespread chaff spreading .

Individual evidence

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