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Friedrich Karl Ginzel (born February 23, 1850 in Reichenberg , Bohemia , † June 29, 1926 in Berlin ) was an Austrian astronomer .

Friedrich Karl Ginzel was an observer at Theodor Oppolzer's observatory in Vienna from 1877 . In 1886 he became a member of the Royal Astronomical Computing Institute of the Berlin Observatory , where he received a professorship in 1899. In 1899 he published an important study on solar and lunar eclipses in ancient times. Then he devoted himself in particular to chronology . His three-volume handbook of mathematical and technical chronology (1906–1914) is an unsurpassed standard work for calendars and ancient chronology to this day, although some chapters are now outdated.

The moon crater Ginzel was named after him.


  • About changes in the fixed star sky: Lecture given on January 4, 1886 in the Scientific Club in Vienna . Richter, Hamburg 1886 ( urn : nbn: de: hbz: 061: 1-75931 )
  • Special canon of solar and lunar eclipses for the country area of ​​classical antiquity and the period from 900 BC to 600 AD Berlin: Mayer & Müller, 1899 ( digitized version )
  • Handbook of mathematical and technical chronology. Time accounting of the peoples, 3 vols., Leipzig 1906/1911/1914 (ND 1958)
    • Volume I: Calendar of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Mohammedans, Persians, Indians, Southeast Asians, Chinese, Japanese and Central Americans ( )
    • Volume II: Calendar of the Jews, primitive peoples, Romans and Greeks as well as supplements to Volume I ( digitized in the Google book search; full text )
    • III. Volume: Calculation of the times of the Macedonians, Asia Minor and Syrians, the Teutons and Celts, the Middle Ages, the Byzantines (and Russians), Armenians, Copts, Abyssinians, the calculation of modern times, as well as additions to the three volumes ( )


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