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Kamenz sausages with mustard, brewed in hot water

The Kamenzer Würstchen , often referred to as Kamenzer for short , is a traditional scalded sausage or cracked sausage , which has been produced in the Saxon town of Kamenz and the surrounding area since the middle of the 19th century .


Kamenzer Würstchen has been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office as a word and figurative mark since 2009 . The ingredients for original Kamenzers are also laid down in the brand statutes. The sausage consists of a third of lean and fatty beef and a third of pork . The sausage meat is seasoned with a mixture of salt , pepper , caraway seeds and onions , filled into natural casings (cheesecloth or pork casings) and smoked over beech wood.


The butcher champion Carl Heinrich Mierisch was mid-19th century the tenant Kamenzer food stall . There he created the recipe for Gamenzer Gnackwärschdl , which he first offered for sale at the Kamenz Forest Festival in 1859. During the GDR era , the proportion of more expensive beef was reduced; the ratio to pork was usually 1: 1. In addition, the more expensive cheesecloths were dispensed with in favor of the cheaper pig intestines. After the fall of the Wall in 1989 , the original recipe was used again. Since more and more butchers, also outside of Kamenz, were producing sausages and the recipe was partially changed, the Kamenzer Butchers Association had the recipe and the Kamenz sausage brand legally protected in 2009 .


Kamenz sausages with potato salad are traditional Christmas dishes in the Kamenz region that are prepared on Christmas Eve .

In 2014, a Kamenz master butcher produced the largest Kamenzer with a length of 10.40 meters and a weight of around 4 kilograms. The sausage was raffled off as part of a competition.

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