Combed Newts

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Combed Newts
Example: Alpine crested newt (Triturus carnifex)

Example: Alpine crested newt ( Triturus carnifex )

Order : Tail amphibian (caudata)
Superfamily : Salamander relatives (Salamandroidea)
Family : Real salamanders (Salamandridae)
Subfamily : Pleurodelinae
Genre : Triturus
Super species : Combed Newts
Scientific name
Triturus cristatus- superspecies

As great crested newt ( Triturus cristatus -Superspezies) six European größerwüchsige are being species of the genus Triturus referred, the males during the mating season pronounced jagged ridge crests carry. For this species base includes the Northern crested newt ( Triturus cristatus ), the Danube crested newt ( Triturus dobrogicus ), the Alpine newt ( Triturus carnifex ), the Asian crested newt ( Triturus karelinii ) and more recently the Macedonian crested newt ( Triturus macedonicus as elimination of T. carnifex ) and Buresch's crested newt ( Triturus ivanbureschi as a split from T. karelinii ). Until the 1980s, all crested newt forms were still treated as subspecies of Triturus cristatus ; then genetic knowledge led to species delimitation. The crested newt species can hybridize with each other as well as with the closely related marble newts , but with limited fertility of the offspring.


  • Alpine crested newt , T. carnifex ( Laurenti , 1768): It occurs in Italy and as far as the Alpine region and is therefore also called "Italian crested newt".
  • Northern crested newt , T. cristatus ( Laurenti , 1768): It is most widespread in Europe - from western France and the British Isles across central Europe to western Russia.
  • Danube crested newt , T. dobrogicus ( Kiritzescu , 1903): This is native to southeastern Europe from Lower Austria and Burgenland via Hungary and neighboring countries. A separate sub-area in south-east Romania to the north-west coast of the Black Sea is also assigned to him.
  • Bureschs Kammmolch , T. ivanbureschi Wielstra et al. , 2013: This is located in Bulgaria , northeast Greece and western Turkey as well as in northern Anatolia .
  • Asiatic crested newt , T. karelinii ( shrub , 1870): Northern and eastern Black Sea coast, Caucasus , southern coastal region of the Caspian Sea . Also called "Southern Combed Newt" or "Persian Combed Newt".
  • Macedonian crested newt , T. macedonicus ( Karaman , 1922): This species, first described as a subspecies of the Alpine crested newt, lives in the Western Balkans. This species also includes the Balkan crested newt ( T. arntzeni ), which was previously classified as a subspecies of the Asian crested newt on the southeastern Balkan peninsula and was elevated to a species in 2009, but was synonymous with the Macedonian crested newt in2013.

Protection provisions

All European amphibians are specially protected or strictly protected under the Federal Species Protection Ordinance and may not be removed from their habitat . The crested newt species are also listed in Appendix II (in some cases also in Appendix IV) of the Habitats Directive ; they are "strictly protected" and specially protected areas are to be set up for their occurrence.


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