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The Canadian Studies ( Engl. : Canadian Studies , French. : Études canadiennes ) is the scientific discipline that deals with the history, society, politics, culture and languages ( English , French and indigenous languages ) of Canada is concerned. Canadian Studies developed as an independent discipline from American Studies , which in turn emerged from English Studies .

Canadian Studies in German-speaking countries


Canadian Studies is not offered as an independent subject in Germany, but Canadian content is taught in the very widespread North American Studies course . It is also possible to take such a degree from Germany via the Athabasca University , a Canadian distance learning university .

Canadian Studies in North America

In North America itself, especially Canada, the degree is more popular. However, universities there recommend that students take a so-called double major , i.e. combining two major subjects instead of one major with a minor. History, political science or French are recommended as a second subject.

United States

In the United States, there are currently three Bachelor's degrees in Canadian Studies ( Western Washington University , Bellingham; St. Lawrence University , New York City; University of Maine , Orono). Masters and doctoral programs do not currently exist (2019).


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