Cape Guardafui

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Satellite image of Cape Guardafui as well as Hafun and Socotra

The Cape Guardafui (from a romance language from the elements guarda for "beware" and fui "escape"), Somali : Gees Gwardafuy or Raas Caseyr , Arabic : راس عسير Ras Asir , in ancient times as the promontory Aromata known is the easternmost Point of Africa . It is located south of the entrance to the Gulf of Aden at latitude 11 ° 50 'north and longitude 51 ° 17' east.

The high cape rock on the northeast tip of the Somali Peninsula in East Africa (" Horn of Africa ") lies between Bereeda (61.2 km) and the Socotra archipelago belonging to Yemen (approx. 100 km). Politically, Cape Guardafui belongs to the Bari region in Somalia , which is part of the internationally not recognized Puntland . The cape, behind which the 275 m high Gardaf (or Jardaf) rises, was notorious because of numerous shipwrecks, because it was very dangerous for shipping because of its cliffs.

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Coordinates: 11 ° 50 ′ 3.6 ″  N , 51 ° 16 ′ 52.4 ″  E