Cape Hinks

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Cape Hinks
Geographical location
Cape Hinks (Antarctic Peninsula)
Cape Hinks
Coordinates 69 ° 10 ′  S , 63 ° 10 ′  W Coordinates: 69 ° 10 ′  S , 63 ° 10 ′  W
location Palmerland , Antarctic Peninsula
coast Wilkins Coast
Waters Weddell Sea
Waters 2 Bertius Inlet

Cape Hinks is a massive headland on the Wilkins coast of the Palmerland on the Antarctic Peninsula , dominated by a towering and icy dome . The cape marks the northern foothills of Finley Heights and the southern limit of the entrance to Bertius Inlet .

The Australian polar explorer Hubert Wilkins discovered and photographed the cape on his Antarctic flight on December 20, 1928. The American polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth photographed it from the air in 1935. Further aerial photos were taken in 1940 during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939–1941). The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named it in 1947 after the British cartographer, mathematician and astronomer Arthur Robert Hinks (1873-1945), Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society from 1915 to 1945.

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