Karel Nový

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Karel Nový

Karel Nový (born December 8, 1890 as Karel Novák in Benešov (Beneschau), † November 23, 1980 in Prague ) was a Czech writer and journalist.


Novy came from a poor background. After attending high school in his place of birth, he stayed in the region all his life. His stay was interrupted during the Second World War . After his capture, he was sent to the concentration camp.


The writer and journalist published novels regularly since 1919, and since 1927 a trilogy about the region in which he lived. His works are characterized by delicate poetry and love scenes as well as his affection for the poor people. His book We want to live (Chceme žít) describes the unemployment of the 1930s and was filmed with Emil František Burian . In the novel Knights and Highwaymen he describes the revolt against the Rosenbergs in the pre- Hussite period . Later works, especially those dealing with social problems, belonged to the category of critical realism .

Works published in German

  • Kingfishers
  • The Fisherman of the Blue Bay (Rybaříci na modré zátoce) - 1967, book for young people
  • The assassination attempt (Atentát also Sarajevský atentát), 1964, is an attempted description of the assassins Gavrilo Princip and Nedeljko Čabrinović as patriotic heroes. Here the author openly shows his antipathies towards Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este .

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