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Karfunkel: magazine for tangible history

description Popular science journal
Area of ​​Expertise Medieval Studies
language German
publishing company Karfunkel-Verlag ( Germany )
Headquarters Wald-Michelbach
First edition 1993
Frequency of publication quarterly
Widespread edition 40,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Claudia Beckers-Jackdaws
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Karfunkel is a magazine that deals with history . Her focus is on the Middle Ages , but other epochs also have their say.

Topics and structure

With its concept, the magazine is aimed at a broad readership interested in historical contexts, as well as visitors, participants and organizers of medieval markets, Renaissance, Baroque and other historically oriented festivals.

Karfunkel appears every two months with a print run of around 40,000 copies by Karfunkel-Verlag, Wald-Michelbach .

In addition to the cover story, each issue contains numerous specialist articles on various historical topics as well as long-term series on topics such as: Women in the Middle Ages, religious history, professions in the Middle Ages, castle history, minstrels and medieval crafts . A carbuncle lexicon appears on special topics. Each issue also contains articles on various topics from the field of living history, such as event reports, exhibitions, reviews, portraits and practical tips. There is also an event calendar in every issue. For young readers there is the Sparkle section , which contains craft ideas and children's book reviews. The children's area is part of the regular expenses.

The special issue Karfunkel Codex appears once a year, each dealing with a specific topic. In addition to general information about the time, living history groups and museums are presented. Sewing and building instructions as well as reviews are also part of these booklets.

The following special issues have been published since 2003:

Since 2005 there is an annual special issue carbuncle Combat for Military History , since 2007 also the special issue kitchens -Special and since 2008 herb and witch . The following special issues were also published: Karfunkel Musica , Piraten Special , Egypt Special , Greece Special, Order , Burgenkunde Special and Monastery Special . Another series under the title "ABC" deals with more practical topics, e.g. B. "Middle Ages ABC", "ABC of clothing", "ABC of do-it-yourself", "ABC of medicinal herbs", "ABC of body jewelry", "ABC of Christmas customs", "ABC of archeology", "Kitchen ABC" etc. The regularly published offshoot "Old Herbal Knowledge" is dedicated to the area of ​​herbalism as a cultural-historical, but also an alternative medical point of view.

editorial staff

Editing and permanent staff:
Claudia Beckers-Dohlen (Editor-in-Chief, Antiquity, Medieval Studies), Lena Braun (Illustration), Anja Grevener (Reenactment), Peter Lutz (Kitchen), Britta Quebbemann (Medieval Studies, early modern times), Barbara Stühlmeyer (Music, Medieval Studies , Row: Twinkle).

Regular freelancers:
Utz Anhalt, Cornelia Busche, Jürgen Hönicke, Lothar Jahn, Thomas Spindler , Lea Stühlmeyer, Sven Theemann.

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