Karl Gottlieb Plato

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Karl Gottlieb Plato

Karl Gottlieb Plato (born April 6, 1757 in Halbau , Oberlausitz , † April 25, 1833 in Leipzig ) was a German pedagogue .


Karl Gottlieb Plato was the son of a pastor from eastern Upper Lusatia , which now belongs to Poland . He studied theology and philology at the University of Leipzig . After completing his studies, he first worked as a private tutor in Leipzig.

The Plato Dolz monument

In addition, he dealt intensively with contemporary educational literature.

When the Ratsfreischule was opened as the first elementary school in Leipzig in 1792 on the initiative of the mayor Carl Wilhelm Müller and the superintendent Johann Georg Rosenmüller , Plato was appointed its first director. He ran this school with a few teachers and unpaid theology students. They founded the Pedagogical Society in 1795.

He retained the position of director until his death in 1833. His successor was his friend Johann Christian Dolz , who had been his deputy for 33 years. Plato was buried in the family grave in the old Johannisfriedhof . Dolz died 10 years later and was buried in the Plato family grave.

His grave in the old Johannisfriedhof (1904)

For the 100th anniversary of the Ratsfreischule, Karl Gottlieb Plato and his successor Johann Christian Dolz were honored with a memorial near the first location of the Ratsfreischule in Leipzig (Plato-Dolz monument on Dittrichring / Ratsfreischulstrasse confluence).

In 1875 a street in the south-eastern suburb of Leipzig was named after him (Platostraße). The southern part of the street still bears the name today, the northern part has been called Gutenbergplatz since 1940.


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