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Karl Hermann Zipp

Karl Hermann Zipp (born January 21, 1875 in Moers , † March 19, 1940 in Potsdam ) was a German electrical engineer.


From 1885 he attended the Realgymnasium in Rheydt and in 1887 switched to the humanistic grammar school in Mönchengladbach. From 1894 he studied electrical engineering at the TH Darmstadt , but had to drop out after the intermediate diploma in 1898 for lack of money. During his studies in 1894 he became a member of the Darmstadt fraternity Frisia . He found a job as an electrical engineer at Helios Elektrizitäts-A.-G. in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, where after almost two years he was promoted to head of the assembly and project planning office. At the end of 1901 he became a lecturer in electrical engineering at the Städtisches Friedrichs-Polytechnikum in Köthen . It appointed him professor in 1913. From 1906 was an expert advisor for the Osterode electricity company. From 1916–28 he was director of the Köthen municipal electricity works and from 1925–28 also rector of the local commercial and commercial college. After a stroke in August 1927, he was retired in 1928 .

In 1908 he invented a high-voltage indicator (DRP 165714), the so-called Schüttelzipp .

Since 1993, the Karl Hermann Zipp Prize, named after him, has been awarded to graduates with outstanding academic achievements in the Department of Electrical Engineering, now the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences .


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