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Karl Oppel (born August 9, 1816 in Frankfurt am Main ; † May 12, 1903 there ) was a German educator and writer .


Oppel's father was Johann Friedrich Oppel (1776–1865), a master tailor from Silesia who immigrated to Frankfurt via Bayreuth in 1813 . He was a younger brother of Johann Joseph Oppel . From 1833 to 1835 Karl Oppel attended the teachers' college in Esslingen am Neckar and then became a teacher at the Weißfrauenschule in Frankfurt, from 1838 to 1879 at the model school . On 14 May 1859 he was at the University of Giessen Dr. phil. PhD with a dissertation on The Wonderland of the Pyramids . From 1883 to 1893 he lived in Schweinfurt . He published numerous publications, especially after his retirement, including on Egyptology and education ( Pestalozzi research).

In 1846 he joined the Frankfurt Freemason Lodge Socrates for Steadfastness , from 1874 to 1880 he was Grand Master of the Eclectic Freemasons Association .


  • Franz Pyrard's first and last journey
  • Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 's Life, Will and Work , 1845
  • Two Masonic poems, dedicated to the Brothers in Love by Karl Oppel , 14 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1849
  • A word about boy education. Written down in letters , submitted for doctorate, 78 pages, 1858
  • Kemi. Egypt's importance for the cultural development of mankind and ancient Egyptian doctrine of the faith , Frankfurt am Main, 1859
  • Freemasonry and Egyptian priesthood. Speech given at the end of the year in the Sokrates Lodge on Stability in the O. , Frankfurt am Main, 1860
  • Pythagoras and Freemasonry , Frankfurt am Main, 1861
  • The old wonderland of the pyramids: geographical, historical and cultural-historical pictures from prehistoric times, the period of bloom and the decay of the old Egypt , Leipzig, 1863, in Illustrirte Jugend- und Hausbibliothek , 3rd series, 6th volume; Tales from antiquity, 1.
    • also in 1867
    • 2nd edition, 1868
    • 3. presumably u. verb. Edition, 1875
    • The ancient wonderland of the pyramids. Geographical, historical and cultural hist. Pictures from prehistoric times, the period of bloom and the decay of ancient Egypt , 4. redesigned. and probably ed., 405 pages, Ebendas., 1881
    • 5. redesigned and probably ed., 497 pages, 1906
    • 6th edition, 497 pages, 1906
    • Swedish translation, Egypt, pyramidernas land , 1863, http://runeberg.org/eggypt/
  • Adventure in enemy territory. A soldier's story , Frankfurt am Main, 1865
  • The activity of the support committee of the united Frankfurt lodges. Mid-November 1870 , Leipzig, 1870
  • New Vademecum latomorum , Frankfurt am Main, 1872
  • Johannisfest drawing 1872, by Karl Oppel , Frankfurt am Main, 1872
  • Animal stories. Stories and descriptions from the life of animals , 636 pages, Wiesbaden, 1873
  • Parents' book. Practical instructions for bringing up children of both sexes at home from the earliest age to independence , 504 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1877
    • 2nd edition, 504 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1881
    • 3rd presumed edition, 416 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1882
    • 4. essential verb. Edition, 368 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1896
    • 5th edition Checked for annotations. as well as e. The author's life picture accompanies v. Jul. Draw, 391 pages, Frankfurt am Main, 1906
  • Commemorative drawing by Br. Karl Oppel, lecture in the Carl box on the rising light on April 28, 1877 , Frankfurt am Main, 1877
  • Festgabe. Strange historical events. For the entertainment of the more mature youth, told , 347 pages, ibid., 1878
    • 2nd edition, 347 pages, ibid., 1879
  • Adventure of Captain Mago. A Phoenician world tour 3000 years ago based on the French work of Cahun (edited ume geogr.-cultural-historical introductory and historical final chapter provided), 376 pages, Leipzig, 1878
    • 2nd edition, 376 pages, Leipzig, 1882
    • 3rd edition, 324 pages, Leipzig, 1889
    • 4th edition, 324 pages, Leipzig, 1899
    • 5th edition, 324 pages, Leipzig, 1909
  • Expert report of the Great Mother Lodge of the Eclectic Freemasons Association on the draft of a federal constitution for the united German grand lodges. For notification to the Eclectic Federal Boxes , Frankfurt am Main, 1879
  • Sound author album. Life and works of the most outstanding masters of the art of music , tillsammans med brodern Wigand Oppel, 264 pages, Ebendas., 1879
    • also 1. – 5. Tausend, 277 pages, Coblenz, 1886
    • 7th-9th Tausend, 276 pages, Leipzig, 1897
  • Brothers in joy and sorrow at all times. The venerable Size Lodge of Prussia, known as Royal York for friendship, for the inauguration of their new temple, offered in love and admiration by Karl Oppel , Frankfurt am Main, 1882
  • Tambour and General. Tale from the history of the American struggle for freedom. Based on the works of v. L. Rouffelet, Ms. Rapp, Will. C. Bryant et al. Sydney H. Gay among others. , 334 pages, ibid., 1884
  • Purposefully and with united strength. The Great Mother Lodge for the centenary of the Eclectic League, March 18, 1883, dedicated by Karl Oppel , Frankfurt am Main, 1883
  • City stories from all regions of the fatherland. Historical stories and descriptions of customs from German cities , 366 pages, Leipzig, 1887
    • 2nd edition, 366 pages, Leipzig, 1896
  • The old Schweinfurters. The end of the 18th century in the free empire city of Schweinfurt. Due to the in the municipal archive. Maßdörfer-Voit'schen handwritten. Chronicle described to the fathers in honor of the grandchildren for teaching , 138 pages, Schweinfurt, 1892
  • The bridal trip. Schweinfurt novellas from the years 1790, 91 a. 1801 , Schweinfurt, 1894
  • Hail Wittelsbach! How Count Palatine Otto became Duke of Bavaria. Historical tale from the time of Rothbark , 1894
  • Hannibal's sword. Fates and deeds of the greatest war hero who ever lived. Romantic story for the more mature youth , 192 pages, Stuttgart, 1894
  • Pictures from the old model school. The Realgymnasium Musterschule in Frankfurt a. M. dedicated to his centenary on 18th April 1903 , Frankfurt am Main, 1903


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