Frankfurt Historical Commission

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Frankfurt Historical Commission
purpose Research into Frankfurt's city history
Chair: Marie-Luise Recker
Establishment date: 1906
Number of members: 32 (as of October 2019)
Seat : Münzgasse 9
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Website: Website

The Frankfurt Historical Commission is a historical commission to promote systematic research into the history of Frankfurt am Main through source editions and the publication of scientific accounts.

On May 8, 1906, the extraordinary deputation was founded by a resolution of the municipal authorities and initially consisted of the chairman, City Councilor Julius Draw , the archive director Rudolf Jung and the academy professor Georg Küntzel . The first project was the publication of the history of the Free City of Frankfurt , written by the Frankfurt high school teacher Richard Schwemer . The work was published in three volumes in 1910, 1912 and 1915/1918.

After the Second World War, the Frankfurt magistrate renewed the commission on April 26, 1948. At that time its members included the city councilors Reinert and Seliger , the historian Fried Lübbecke and the journalist Richard Kirn . The commission had 32 members in October 2019, chaired by the historian Marie-Luise Recker .

The commission works independently, but in close connection with the working group of the historical commissions of the state of Hesse. Since 1984 the commission has been awarding a study prize donated by Johann Philipp von Bethmann every year . The prize is endowed with 4,000 euros and is awarded to young scientists for outstanding projects to research the history of Frankfurt.


The Frankfurt Historical Commission issues two series of publications: the studies on Frankfurt history , of which 62 volumes have appeared so far, and the publications of the Frankfurt Historical Commission with currently 25 volumes, including the two-volume Frankfurt biography .

The series History of Frankfurt from the Early Middle Ages to the Present should cover the period from the Middle Ages to the present in six volumes. Two volumes have been published so far, four more on the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Era, the time of the Wilhelmine Empire and the development of the city in the Weimar Republic and the Nazi era are in preparation.

  • Volume 3: Ralf Roth : The development of a modern civil society. History of the city of Frankfurt am Main 1789–1866. Published by the Frankfurt Historical Commission (= publications of the Frankfurt Historical Commission. Volume 25). Thorbecke, Ostfildern 2013, ISBN 978-3-7995-0762-2 .
  • Volume 6: Frolinde Balser : From rubble to a European center: History of the city of Frankfurt am Main 1945–1989. Published by the Frankfurt Historical Commission (= publications of the Frankfurt Historical Commission. Volume 20). Thorbecke, Sigmaringen 1995, ISBN 3-7995-1210-1 .

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