Karl Theodor Wilisch

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Karl Theodor Wilisch

Karl Theodor Wilisch (born November 29, 1847 in Werdau , † June 15, 1935 in Freiberg ) was a German politician.


The son of the magistrate Carl Ferdinand Wilisch in Werdau and Scheibenberg studied at the Thomas School in Leipzig until 1866 . During his studies in 1866 he became a member of the Arion Leipzig singers . From 1886 to 1914 he was mayor of the Erzgebirge mountain town of Annaberg . From 1897 to 1914 he was ex officio as first magistrate of the city of Annaberg, member of the first chamber of the Saxon state parliament . On June 29, 1914 he was made an honorary citizen of his hometown Annaberg. He was the bearer of the Albrecht Order .

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