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Kaspar Schrammel (born January 6, 1811 in Litschau , Lower Austria , † December 20, 1895 in Langenzersdorf ) was an Austrian musician and composer.


Kaspar Schrammel, like his father, was a trained weaver, he has performed as a clarinetist at village festivals since his youth. In 1833, at the age of 22, Schrammel married Josefa Irrschik and had a son with her, Konrad Schrammel (1833–1905). His wife Josefa died after just four years of marriage.

Around 1846, Schrammel and his son settled in Vienna-Neulerchenfeld. He founded a small orchestra, which played regularly in the inns in the area on various occasions.

In 1850 and 1852 he had two illegitimate sons with the later popular singer Aloisia Ernst . Johann and Josef , whose mother he married in 1853, were legitimized in 1857. The sons' music became known as Schrammelmusik . As a composer, Kaspar Schrammel focused less on his own work, but worked on and arranged what was already known.

In addition to working with his orchestra, Schrammel occasionally accompanied his wife musically during their performances.

It was only after his two more famous sons that he died at the age of over 80 in Langenzersdorf. The current honorary grave of the market town of Langenzersdorf is in need of renovation.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Kaspar Schrammel's death in 1985, the Berg- und Wanderverein Wienerland opened a twelve-kilometer theme hiking trail in Langenzersdorf. The path connected the local history museum (Schrammel collection) with Schrammelgasse and the house where he died in Korneuburger Straße. In the meantime, the route has been shortened to ten kilometers, but made known to a larger group as part of the “Weinviertel Wanderquartett” and IVV rating.


  • Honorary grave in the market town of Langenzersdorf
  • Kaspar Schrammel hiking trail in Langenzersdorf
  • The Schrammel.Klang.Festival is held in the hometown of Litschau (every year at the beginning of July).


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