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Production facilities in the Rimuss and winery Rahm in Hallau, Switzerland

A winery is a company for the production, storage, bottling and sale of alcoholic beverages , especially wine and sparkling wine , such as sparkling wine .

A distinction is made between wineries and sparkling wine producers according to the type of beverage processed . Some wineries also offer both types of drink as “wine and sparkling wine cellars” .

Different names

Other designations make the size of the company or the ownership structure clear, such as:

In order to market their products themselves , private wineries often run a broom tavern , ostrich tavern , a heuriger or a wine tavern , and now also have an online shop . The marketing is also served by spontaneous and organized wine or sparkling wine tastings , often in connection with a visit to the winery, as well as winery and farm festivals usually held in the open air with the sale of own products. Wineries are increasingly being certified in order to meet the needs of demanding customers.

Although the wine and the drinks made from it are basically natural products, the type of treatment in the wineries has a decisive influence on the quality of the end product. Depending on the type of fermentation and storage in wooden, metal or plastic barrels, tanks or bottles, the blending of different base wines and fining for clarification and biochemical stabilization, the winery treatment results in a wide variety of products, from cheap consumer wine or sparkling wine to high-quality , expensive and award-winning quality product.

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