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Barrel cellar in a winery in Deidesheim in the German wine-growing region Pfalz

A winery or wine-growing business is an agricultural operation in which fine vines are grown and wine and wine-like products such as sparkling wine and sparkling wine are produced and often also marketed. The operator is responsible for the care of the vineyard and the harvest of the grapes as well as the production and bottling of the finished wine.

Wineries are often family businesses or of monastic or aristocratic origins. Many wineries also offer overnight accommodation, cellar tours and wine tastings .

Since more importance is attached to differences in quality in winemaking than in other agricultural products, winemakers often endeavor to establish the name of their property as a brand, especially when influencing factors such as hillside location, microclimate, soil conditions, etc. have a positive effect on the yield quality.


Winegrowers 'cooperatives (also winegrowers' cooperatives or cellar cooperatives ) prepare the grapes and market the wine of several united winegrowers.

If the harvested grapes are primarily not processed into wine themselves, but sold to wineries , one speaks of wine-growing operations .

Wineries buy grapes or wine from mostly independent winemakers and market them.

Wine cellars are active internationally and buy Rohweine on, blend and refine it and produce it, for example, branded wines and sect .


Other common names for wineries in German-speaking countries are " Winzer ", " Weinbau ", "Weinhauer", "Hauer", "Weinbauer" or "Weinhof"). The term “domain” is also used for estates or manors , for example “castle” for establishments with a noble background . Church wineries are often called “ monastery ” or “ monastery ” on the label .

French wineries are commonly referred to as château or domaine . In southern France, the Occitan term mas is also used . In Bordeaux , almost all wineries are called Château , and this name has also spread in the south-west . In the rest of France, château is only used for real castle estates.

Italian wineries mostly use the names Azienda Agricola , Fattoria or Azienda Vitivinicola . More noble residences are called Tenuta or Podere , castles castello and abbazia monasteries .

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