Core city

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Core city in Tampere , Finland

The term core city denotes the central area of ​​a city .


The core city is often equated with the inner city or city center. The inner city is only understood to mean the actual center of a city, i.e. the center with the shopping streets, which have mostly been redesigned as pedestrian zones.

The two terms should be clarified using the Baden-Württemberg state capital Stuttgart :

  • The core city of Stuttgart includes the original city of Stuttgart, before the first incorporation at the end of the 19th century. Today these are the city ​​districts of Mitte, North, South, East and West.
  • The downtown Stuttgart including the center with City Hall, Central Station, King Street and all the surrounding shopping streets that were transformed in large part as a pedestrian zone City : Today, this is the city's Mitte district.

A distinction must also be made between the core city and the old town: the old town is the historical city center as it has been preserved, but the core city refers to the current state.

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