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Wide brackets with chain.

A clamp is a sex toy that is mostly used by tops as part of BDSM . They serve both to punish and to gain pleasure.

Clamps are used to stimulate sensitive body parts such as nipples by applying different amounts of pressure and tension. They are used on both men and women. A simple form is to use clothespins . Brackets specially made for BDSM use are often connected in pairs with a chain. Small weights are sometimes hung on it to increase the pulling force. Such a procedure also serves to further immobilize the clipped person, since every movement triggers an additional nerve stimulus.


Crocodile clip

Alligator clips with end sleeves

Crocodile clips usually consist of two metal plates about 5–10 cm long, which are connected with a spring clip. As a rule, there are small plastic sleeves on the respective ends to protect the fabric from pressure damage. On some models, these covers can be peeled off. The metal teeth, which are often pronounced under these covers, optionally enable increased fixation at the selected point. In many models, the minimum distance between the two legs of the clamp can be varied continuously by adjusting a small threaded rod using a metal wheel.

“Tweezers” clips

“Tweezer” clips usually consist of two metal sticks about 5–10 cm long. In order to enable a more efficient fixation on the respective body part, these are usually slightly curved. In most cases, there are small plastic sleeves on the respective ends to protect the fabric from pressure damage. A small ring surrounds the two metal rods and makes it possible to regulate the applied pressure through its different positioning on the longitudinal axis of the rods. The further the ring is pushed along the chopsticks, the higher the pressure. "Tweezer" clips are mainly used on nipples.

Butterfly clips

The design of the butterfly clamps, originally from Japan, allows the pressure of the clamps to increase as soon as the tensile force applied to the chain increases.

In contrast to other models, the risk that the clamps slip due to tensile forces is very much reduced. Butterfly clips are very flat, but quite large with a format of approximately 10 cm by 5 cm. The areas on the tissue are delimited by small plastic plates. The brackets are held in place by springs on the selected part of the body and exert a significantly higher pressure compared to other models.


Typical areas of application are the inner and outer labia , the clitoris , the nipples and the scrotum . Even with low pressure, they restrict blood circulation in the affected tissue areas and generate a dull pain that radiates to adjacent regions. After removing the clamps, the pain stimulus intensifies; this can be reduced by subsequently relieving manual pressure on the relevant point only very slowly.

The removal of staples is usually done manually, but can also be done with the help of whips , whips or cords.


The use of clamps in the glandular tissue of the female breast can lead to inflammation. Using it on the scrotum can also cause significant tissue damage. Many brackets come with removable plastic caps to reduce superficial damage.

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