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Klaus Honomichl (* 1943 in Trautenau ) is a German zoologist who taught at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as a private lecturer .


Klaus Honomichl studied biology , mathematics and philosophy at the University of Mainz . In 1973 he received his doctorate in biology. In 1990 he completed his habilitation in zoology at the University of Mainz. Since then, Honomichl has been teaching there as a private lecturer at the Institute of Zoology in the department of morphology and animal development.

Klaus Honomichl's specialty in zoology is entomology . His special research focuses on the investigation of the morphology and systematics of arthropods , especially the Myriapoda .

As a recognized insect expert, he has already written several specialist books on this subject, which have since been translated into various languages, including Chinese and Korean .

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