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Klaus Juncker (born September 21, 1943 ) is a German economist . He is an honorary professor at the Philipps University of Marburg , a former director of the corporate banking division at Deutsche Bank, and an author, editor and co-editor of banking periodicals, compilations and specialist books.


After completing an apprenticeship at Handels- und Gewerbebank Heilbronn AG, Juncker studied business administration at the University of Innsbruck and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (1964–1968). Since 1966 he has been a member of the Corps Suevia Munich . It was in 1972 at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main to Dr. rer. pole. PhD.

After vocational education and training and stays abroad, management positions in the German banking industry followed, such as B. as a board member of the Kölner Bank from 1867 eG Volksbank (1972 to 1978). The position as head of the central corporate customer department and later as member of the board of the SME and sales finance division of Deutsche Bank AG followed (1978 to 1998). In this role he was a member of several supervisory and advisory boards. He was also a member of committees of German institutes and business associations and university bodies: u. a. of the Environment Committee of the German Industry and Trade Conference (DIHT), the Association for the Promotion of the Institute for Banking and Banking Law at the University of Cologne (Board of Directors), the Agriculture - Industry Liaison Office, the Institute for New Media, the Council of the Deutsche Bank Institute for Family business (today: Witten Institute for Family Business ) at the University of Witten / Herdecke , here as chairman of the council.

After retiring from active business in 1998, Juncker was managing director of a management consulting company and later senior advisor to a well-known consulting firm. Since 2003 he has been a personally liable partner and managing director of several real estate fund companies.

In addition to his professional activity, Juncker did volunteer work in various areas of public life. B. as founding founder and chairman of the board of trustees of the Citizens' Foundation for Münster. The foundation cooperation project “Learning Responsibility”, which he initiated and supported in Münster, was awarded the 2008 Active Citizenship Award.

Professional activity

Juncker has made important contributions in professional practice as well as in university research - and above all in the connection between university work and practice: the fundamental processing of topics such as management, organization and marketing of the banking business as well as the implementation of dynamic developments in markets (in particular the demand behavior of customers) in the banking business and its management are included here.

He was also particularly interested in the development and market launch of innovative financial services and the processing and / or support of topics that were still "unexplored" but could be developed. As a rule, little general interest was attached to them at this point in time. These include:

  • Recommendation in the 1970s to introduce controlling as a modern instrument of corporate management also in banking operations.
  • At the beginning of the 1980s he pointed out that the banking business should focus more on self-service and not to forget the " seniors " as an increasingly interesting target group (Juncker took up the topic of target group marketing in a comprehensive form in subsequent years, see most recently: Juncker / Nietert: Demographic Banking, 2010).
  • Significant participation in the introduction of the topic of "environmental protection" at a large bank as a topic in corporate banking (nineties). This bank was probably the first institute in Germany to introduce environmental protection as a permanent issue in its business. The bank received an award for this initiative and continues to pursue this topic to this day.

He introduced modern information and communication technologies, e.g. B. electronic banking, as products in the corporate banking of Deutsche Bank. The aim was to conduct business with corporate customers more efficiently and to improve the quality of advice [Juncker: Electronic Banking for SMEs, in: Die Wirtschaft, April 6, 1995, p. 23]. The electronic processing of banking services is one of the products whose development and market launch he was responsible for or promoted in the discussion (theory and practice). An example of online banking , which was still relatively new at the time, would be the "paying at the cash register by signature" (OLV online direct debit), which is common today.

Deutsche Bank was later the first institute to first familiarize its corporate customers with the opportunities offered by the Internet.

After 1998, he pursued his professional interests and research areas mainly on the basis of his university teaching and research activities and as a co-editor of specialist journals and compilations and specialist book author, in addition to the aforementioned activities in the private financial sector.


Juncker worked from 1970 to 1979 to be a lecturer at the Bankakademie Cologne / Bonn. In the winter semester of 1998 he was given a teaching position at the chair for financing ("Modern Corporate Financing") at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and taught from the summer semester of 2000 to the winter semester of 2001 as the owner of the Dr. Otto Röhm endowed professorship at the TU Darmstadt (“technology-oriented business start-ups”). From the winter semester 1996 he was a lecturer at the Phillips University in Marburg, where he was made an honorary professor in 2001.


Juncker has published a large number of articles in newspapers, magazines and compilations, some with other specialist authors from practice and science. He is co-founder of the magazine Bank und Markt (1972), the leading specialist magazine for the market and competition of financial service providers for thirty years, and is its co-editor.

In addition, Juncker is the author, editor or co-editor of specialist books that have both a fundamental character - such as B. Marketing in Corporate Banking (1979) or the Corporate Banking Handbook (1993) - as well as aiming to provide food for thought. These include: Rationalization in Credit (1979) and Demographic Banking (2010).


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