Klaus Weinhauer

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Klaus Weinhauer (* 1958 ) is a German historian .


The first state exam he laid for teaching at secondary schools in 1984 at the University of Hamburg from where he was a fellow of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 1992 doctorate and in 2002, funded by the DFG , habilitation was. At Bielefeld University he became an adjunct professor in 2011 and professor in 2014.

His main research interests are international comparative and transnational history of the 19th and 20th centuries, above all: statehood in transition, urban violence, (internal) security, police, terrorism, youth delinquency / violence and consumption in urban areas and work, industrial relations, social protest, Nazi economic and social policy.

Fonts (selection)

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  • Protection police in the Federal Republic. Between civil war and internal security. The turbulent sixties (= Schöningh Collection on the past and present ). Schöningh, Paderborn 2003, ISBN 3-506-77489-1 (also habilitation thesis, Vienna 2001/2002).
  • as editor with Jörg Requate and Heinz-Gerhard Haupt : Terrorism in the Federal Republic. Media, State and Subcultures in the 1970s (= Campus Historical Studies. Volume 42). Campus-Verlag, Frankfurt / New York 2006, ISBN 3-593-38037-4 .
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