Flaran Monastery

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Flaran Cistercian Abbey
Flaran Monastery
Flaran Monastery
location FranceFrance France
region Gers department
Coordinates: 43 ° 53 '23 "  N , 0 ° 22' 23"  E Coordinates: 43 ° 53 '23 "  N , 0 ° 22' 23"  E
Serial number
according to Janauschek
founding year 1151
Year of dissolution /
Mother monastery L'Escaladieu monastery
Primary Abbey Morimond Monastery

Daughter monasteries


The Flaran Monastery (Flaranum) is a former Cistercian abbey in the commune of Valence-sur-Baïse in the Gers department , Occitania region , in France . It is located around 8 km south of Condom and 35 km northwest of Auch in a loop of the Baïse just below the confluence of the Auloue , near the Via Podiensis of the Camino de Santiago .


The monastery, which was founded in 1151 on a site made available by the Benedictines of Condom and settled by a founding convention from the monastery of L'Escaladieu , belonged to the filiation of the primary abbey of Morimond . The monastery, which quickly became prosperous, experienced a decline in discipline from the middle of the 13th century. In 1274 the bastide of Valence-sur-Baïse was founded by Flaran and the Count of Armagnac . At the end of the 15th century, the abbey fell into Kommende . In 1569 it was destroyed by the Protestants under Montgomery. The French Revolution led to its dissolution; it was sold and continued as a farm. In 1970, after an arson, it became the property of the department and was converted into a cultural center.

Chapter House

Buildings and plant

Entrance gate

The Romanesque church, built between 1180 and 1220, has a three- bay long house with narrow side aisles vaulted with a pointed barrel resting on girders, an expansive transept, in the south also with a pointed barrel on girdle arches, in the north with ribbed vaults, each with two semicircular closed, with one Half-dome vaulted chapels on the east sides and a choir with a semicircular closed apse. The main façade and the southern transept façade each have a relatively large oculus, the main façade also has two rounded arched windows and the Romanesque portal without a tympanum. The cloister is north (left) of the church. From the early days of the monastery, the east wing with sacristy, armarium, chapter house (similar to the one in L'Escaladieu) and partly the monks' hall and partly the north wing with calefactorium, refectory and kitchen have been preserved, while the cloister from the 14th century and the buildings in the West with a guest wing around a courtyard and stables from late and post-medieval times.


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