Communist Workers' Union of Germany

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Communist Workers' Union of Germany
legal form society
founding 5th / 6th August 1972
successor Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)
resolution 1982
Members estimated 900 (1982 as MLPD )

The German Communist Workers' Union (KABD) was a K-group in West Germany. He was on 5./6. Founded August 1972 through the merger of the Communist Workers' Union / Marxist-Leninists (KAB / ML) and the KPD / ML-Revolutionäre Weg , a split from the KPD / ML .

The declared aim of the KABD was to build a new Marxist-Leninist party after the " revisionist degeneration" of the KPD and DKP that existed from the point of view of its founding members . Willi Dickhut , one of the initiators of this union, was expelled from the illegal KPD as a critic in 1966. He was editor of the theoretical series Revolutionary Path .

The Red Flag was the central organ of the KABD. As a youth organization was renamed the Revolutionary Youth / Marxist-Leninists , which later together with the Young Communist League of Germany - Revolutionary way the Revolutionary Youth Association of Germany made (RJVD). The central organ of both RJ (ML) and RJVD was initially the rebel , later it was replaced by the sting .

For high school students there was the Marxist-Leninist student groups (MLSG), which published the Red Signal , but were only organized locally from June 1974. For students there were the Communist Student Groups (ML), which published the Red Arrow .

In 1982 the KABD founded the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD).


Well-known former members of the KABD or its subsidiary organizations are:


Individual evidence

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