Conrad III. Otto

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Conrad III. Otto

Conrad III. Otto von Znaim (Czech Konrád III. Ota Znojemský or Konrád II. Ota ) (* around 1135; † September 9, 1191 near Naples ) was Margrave of Moravia and Duke of Bohemia from the Přemyslid family .

As the son of Konrad II of Znojmo (Konrád II. Znojemský) and Marie, daughter of the Serbian administrative officer Uroš the White (Uroš Bílý), Konrad III. Otto inherited the Duchy of Znaim in 1157 . During the battles under the Přemyslids he gradually received all of Moravia , including Brno , Olomouc and Znojmo. In 1182, Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa , to whom Duke Friedrich had turned for help, used the situation to weaken the Bohemian crown. He separated Moravia from Bohemia and accepted it as an imperial fiefdom . However, Moravia had already largely slipped out of the control of the Prague princes due to the dynastic development in the House of the Přemyslids with the division into a Prague and a Moravian line. The elected Bohemian Duke Konrad had to resign and was given the title Margrave of Moravia.

1184 came with the new situation in bloody battles that in the December 10, 1185 Battle of Loděnice (the bloodiest between the Moravians and Bohemia in the country's history) culminated in the Konrad from young Otakar I was beaten. A total of 4,000 soldiers lost their lives and the place was razed to the ground. The following year peace was made with the Knín Treaty and Moravia was returned to Bohemia.

After the death of Duke Friedrich in 1189, Konrad also took control of Bohemia. He renounced the title of margrave and united the two countries for the first time since the Přemyslids split. After him, the prince's seat remained largely in the hands of the Prague line over both countries. Konrad also passed the first Bohemian law called Statuta ducis Ottoni (Statuta Konráda Oty). He died on September 9, 1191 not far from Naples of an epidemic while he was the Emperor Henry VI. accompanied to the coronation in Rome . He was first buried in the Monte Cassino monastery in Latia, later his remains were transferred to Prague .

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