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Konrad Köstlin (born May 8, 1940 in Berlin ) is a German folklorist .

Konrad Köstlin studied folklore, sociology and philosophy at the Universities of Tübingen and Munich , where he received his doctorate in 1967 with the dissertation Security in People's Life . In 1972 he completed his habilitation in Kiel with the work Gilden in Schleswig-Holstein - The determination of the status through "culture". After teaching in Kiel, Regensburg and Tübingen, he was appointed professor of folklore at the University of Vienna in 1994.

From 1983 to 1987, Köstlin was chairman of the German Society for Folklore (dgv) and also chairman of the Société internationale d'ethnologie et de folklore ( SIEF ) for many years . His complete scientific work has made him known beyond the specialist boundaries.

Since the beginning of November 2007, Köstlin has been Vice President and Head of the Scientific Commission of the Austrian Folk Song Society . He is president of the Folklore Society in Vienna.

Publications (selection)

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  • as editor with Herbert Nikitsch: Ethnographic knowledge. On a cultural technique of the modern age (= publications of the Institute for Folklore of the University of Vienna. Vol. 18). Institute for Folklore, Vienna 1999, ISBN 3-902029-01-3 .


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