Konrad Seeliger

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Konrad Seeliger (born July 6, 1852 in Nossen , † June 2, 1929 in Dresden ) was a German classical philologist and high school teacher.

After attending grammar school in Bautzen from 1863 to 1871, where his father worked as director, he studied classical philology at the University of Leipzig . In 1874 he received his doctorate there. After the state examination he taught from 1875 to 1880 at the grammar school in Dresden-Neustadt, from 1880 to 1891 at the Fürstenschule Sankt Afra in Meißen and from 1891 to 1895 at the grammar school in Zwickau .

From 1895, Seeliger was director of the grammar school in Zittau . From 1905 to 1913 he worked as a consultant for the higher education system in the Saxon Ministry of Education (as a lecturing council, later as a secret school council ).

He wrote u. a. numerous contributions to Wilhelm Heinrich Roscher's detailed lexicon of Greek and Roman mythology .


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