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Konrad Wickert (born May 21, 1938 in Königsberg ; † May 8, 2019 ) was a German historian and librarian .


Konrad Wickert, the son of the ancient historian Lothar Wickert , studied Classics and Ancient History at the University of Erlangen and was on January 7, 1964 with the thesis The Peloponnesian Confederation from its creation until the end of the war Archidamian doctorate . He then completed training as a scientific librarian at the library school in Munich. From 1965 to 1974 he worked as a librarian in various functions at the University Library Erlangen-Nuremberg . In addition, he held events for ancient history as a lecturer.

In 1974, Wickert went to the newly founded University Library of Bayreuth as director , which he built up according to modern principles. In March 1987 he returned to the Erlangen-Nuremberg University Library as Chief Library Director. Under his leadership, the IT was modernized so that research and lending in the library became possible online from 1996. He retired on May 31, 1998 for health reasons.

As a librarian, Wickert wrote numerous reports, directories and catalogs. He edited numerous rare prints and manuscripts from the Erlangen university library, including the travelogue of Michael von Saurau (* around 1535, † 1572), who had moved to Constantinople in 1567 as the envoy of Emperor Maximilian II .


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