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Force converting facilities
Pulley blocks as force converters

A force transducer is a mechanical arrangement for changing a force in terms of its point of application, its direction or its magnitude.

The simplest force converters are ropes , rods, rollers , inclined planes and levers . These are also the basic simple machines .

Ropes, rods and levers change the point of application of the force, since the force is no longer applied to the object itself, but at a distance. Levers, inclined planes and loose rollers also change the amount. Screws look like coiled inclined planes; they also come in a variety of designs .

Fixed pulleys in combination with ropes act on the direction of the force without changing its magnitude. Loose pulleys that are combined with ropes are called pulley blocks . This also causes a change in the amount of force.

According to the law of conservation of energy or the golden rule of mechanics , a force converter leaves the product of force and distance, i.e. work , unchanged. If, for example, only a quarter of the amount of force normally required to lift a load is required by using a pulley block, this is associated with a quadrupling of the cable path. Possibly. However, a little more force has to be used due to friction .

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