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Saxon distance column Oberwiesenthal (status 1995)
Looking in the opposite direction (2009)

The listed Electoral Saxon distance column Oberwiesenthal is one of the post mile column , on behalf of the Elector Friedrich August I of Saxony , known as August the Strong , through the land and border commissioner Adam Friedrich Zürner in the first half of the 18th century in the Electorate of Saxony have been erected are. It stands on the market square of the health resort Oberwiesenthal in the Erzgebirge district of the Free State of Saxony .


It is an original column from 1730 that stood on the pass road to Gottesgab . After originally a Saxon distance column should be erected at every entrance and exit of Oberwiesenthal, in tough negotiations with the Land and Border Commissioner Adam Friedrich Zürner (1679–1742) on the part of the City Council of Oberwiesenthal, only one column adorned with coat of arms was achieved four inscription areas had to be built on the market square. The granite in the area served as building material.

The distance column has been restored several times, but its original appearance has been lost more and more. For example, in 1898, at the suggestion of the Erzgebirge branch association in Oberwiesenthal, the paint on the column was renewed. In this context, the pedestal of the distance column was also provided with a contemporary motto ( Wanderer stay pensively standing on the landmark of the old days [...] ).

With expert guidance from members of the “Kursächsische Postmeilensäulen” research group in the Kulturbund of the GDR, the master stonemason Hoffmann, who worked in Rochlitz , carried out a complete restoration of the post column and tried to restore it and the inscriptions to their original condition from 1730. The motto from 1898 on the pedestal of the column was removed again.


The distance column is about 4.50 meters high and consists of seven parts. The base, pedestal and the crown of the pedestal form the substructure. The superstructure is made up of an intermediate plate, shaft, coat of arms and attachment. The granite stone base is not the original base. This is shown in a comparison with the original post mile columns, for example in Zwönitz .


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