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The blind Ukrainian singer Lajosch Molnar plays a German lyre from the 17th century, which was restored by the German hurdy-gurdy maker and restorer Kurt Reichmann

Kurt Reichmann (* 1940 ) is a hurdy-gurdy maker, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main .

Through his research and work, Reichmann is largely responsible for the renaissance of the hurdy-gurdy worldwide. In 1978 he received the Federal Cross of Merit for his efforts to revive the hurdy-gurdy . In 1986 Reichmann was involved in the recordings for the film music for The Name of the Rose with his son Jens and daughter Silke Reichmann . Reichmann was the initiator of the annual hurdy-gurdy festival in Lißberg (1973-2009), which initially took place in Dreieich near Frankfurt. It offered hurdy-gurdy players, but also other instrumentalists from the renaissance music and folk environment, a performance platform (often to accompany dances), hurdy-gurdy courses, the opportunity to exchange experiences and contact instrument makers. For the end of the festival, Kurt Reichmann mentions “... the hospitality, which is difficult to organize ... which last year gave us several months of unsuccessful searches due to frequent rejections from the catering company.” In addition, “despite the participation fees in over and over again over the past few years ”. Similar events are still taking place in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and France.

He travels to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in search of authentic hiring-out builders and players. In 2012 he visited the Hutsul ethnic group in the Ukrainian Carpathians to learn more about their traditional musical instruments. His travels are often about enabling encounters between musicians and stimulating international musical exchange. In 2004 he brought the composer, singer and instrumentalist Eduard Drach with his Kiev Kopsaren guild to the festival in Lißberg.

Also in Lißberg is the Musical Instrument Museum , which was founded in 1990 and bought his private collection of instruments in 2011 and is exhibiting it.


  • As editor: The hurdy-gurdy - basics for play and maintenance , with an educational CD.

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