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Silke Reichmann de Salas (* 1. March 1966 in Frankfurt am Main as Silke Reichmann ) is a German musician .

Live and act

Reichmann grew up in Frankfurt am Main and learned the classical flute and hurdy-gurdy . She studied at a conservatory for music in Frankfurt and with Valentin Clastrier in France (Master Class). She is also an engineer for environmental protection / ecological environmental protection, has carried out socio-ecological research using the example of the Kaitzbach and has managed future workshops.

As a musician, she was a member of the hurdy-gurdy ensemble "Die Hummel" and in 1985 a founding member of the group "Trio Grande". In 1986 she was involved in the recording of the film music for The Name of the Rose together with her father and brother .

In 1991 she and her duo partner Hans Lang won first prize for hurdy-gurdy duets at the international festival “ Rencontres internationales de Luthiers et Maîtres Sonneurs ” in Saint-Chartier , France. Since the beginning of 2000 she has performed as Duo Maritaca with Catarina de Paula Borba from Brazil . She can also be heard with SolarDrums-

Based on the European dance and folk music tradition, she mainly deals with contemporary folk music as well as the intercultural exchange of European and non-European musical traditions, and in this sense composes new music. As one of the most renowned hurdy-gurdy players, she lectures in courses and workshops.

Reichmann has lived in Berlin since the end of 1997 . She is the daughter of the hurdy-gurdy maker Kurt Reichmann and the mother of two children.


Reichmann de Salas can be heard on the soundtrack for the film "Der Name der Rose" and u. a. on the following CDs:

tape title Label year
Rhubarb Pie Cakes Rule! Crunchy Frog Records CFRP 2 1993
Trio Grande Nabucodonosor Publishers of the Minstrels LC 6846 1990/1994
Trio Grande Baggage Publishers of the Minstrels LC 6846 1995
Profolk presents It's only herb Rum Records LC 6327 1996
Madre Mesmerismo Black skirt SR 002 1997
Hayner proudly present United Folks Publishers of the Minstrels LC 6846 1998
Wild Frontier Thousand miles away prime entertainment LC 1582 1998
Trio Grande PiloPao Löwenzahn / Heideck LC 1955 1998
The truth nothing but the truth Mutabor / Open Mind LC 1735 1999
Scrap heap Stories Sound box LC 10049 2001
29th Hurdy-Gurdy & Bagpipe Festival Lißberg Kapperecords 2002


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