Kwassi Klutse

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Kwassi Klutse (born July 29, 1945 in Agbélouvé ) was Prime Minister of Togo from 1996 to 1999 .

Political career

He studied in France and had been planning minister since November 1995 in the government of long-time authoritarian President Gnassingbé Eyadéma . His predecessor as head of government Edem Kodjo resigned when the president wanted someone he could trust again to head the government, and Eyadéma's party Rassemblement du peuple togolais (RPT) won some seats in parliamentary by-elections that gave it a parliamentary majority and thus the Appointment of a Prime Minister from among the RPT made possible.

From August 20, 1996 until his resignation on May 21, 1999, Klutse was Prime Minister. In 1997 he was appointed to the Politburo of the ruling party RPT. After Eyadéma was re-elected as president in June 1998 , overshadowed by numerous allegations of manipulation , Klutse was tasked with forming a new government that no longer included representatives of the opposition. In the parliamentary elections in March 1999 , his party had won 79 of the 81 seats in parliament, with the elections largely boycotted by the opposition and the turnout estimated at just 10%. Klutse himself also won a member of parliament.

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