Nicolas Grunitzky

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Nicolas Grunitzky, 1964

Nicolas Grunitzky (born April 5, 1913 in Atakpamé ; † September 27, 1969 in Paris ) was an engineer and Togolese politician of German-African descent.


Grunitzky was the son of a Danzig merchant who emigrated to Africa and a local. He studied civil engineering at the ESTP in Paris and was the founder of the Parti togolais du progrès (PTP). In the elections to the National Assembly in Paris , he was elected MP for Togo in 1951 and 1956.

After Togo was granted extensive internal autonomy by the French colonial government in August 1956 , Grunitzky was elected the country's first prime minister on September 12, 1956 . After the elections in 1958, which the Comité de l'unité togolaise (CUT) won, its chairman, Grunitzky's brother-in-law Sylvanus Olympio , replaced him as prime minister.

On January 13, 1963 , the army, including General Étienne Eyadéma , carried out a coup and assassinated President Olympio. Grunitzky was installed as the new ruler by the military. Four years later, on January 13, 1967, there was another coup. Grunitzky was deposed and fled to the Ivory Coast , where he had an accident two years later in a car accident and died a little later in a hospital in Paris.