Good weather

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In everyday language, fair weather is a day or several days of weather with little cloud cover and predominant sunshine .

In meteorology , however, one speaks of a high pressure situation , and very little cloud cover is referred to as "sunny" to "clear".

In the mountains in such weather conditions over areas with updraft (see also “ thermals ”), “fair weather or sheep clouds ” (cumuli ) often arise , which can develop into thunderclouds with strong irradiation and persistent turbulence in the base layer .

A special form of short-term good weather is the so-called reverse weather . It occurs more frequently after a cold front has passed through and is characterized by particularly clear air because of the previous precipitation.

The average number of annual sunny days, or the duration of sunshine , is an important parameter of a regional climate in climatology - together with the typical monthly curve of temperature and the distribution of annual precipitation .

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