Léon-Lévy Brunswick

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Léon Lévy Brunswick , actually Léon Lévy , pseudonym Léon Lhérie (* 20th April 1805 in Paris ; † 29. July 1859 in Le Havre ) was a French playwright , dramatist and librettist .


Brunswick started out as a journalist before turning to the theater. He wrote some stage pieces with Théophile Marion Dumersan , Jean-François Bayard , Émile Vanderburch and Arthur de Beauplan. His most important partner, however, was Adolphe de Leuven , with whom he wrote libretti especially for Adolphe Adam , of which Le brasseur de Preston , Le Roi d'Yvetot , but especially Der Postillon von Lonjumeau became famous.

The libretto to Le brasseur de Preston served Johann Nestroy as a template for his farce The Dyer and his twin brother .

Works (selection)

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  • with Adolphe de Leuven, Adolphe Adam, Carl Friedrich Wittmann: The Postillon von Lonjumeau. Comic opera in three acts. (= Reclam's Universal Library, 2749. ; opera books in Reclam's Universal Library, 12 ; Reclam's Universal Library / Opera Books, 12 ) Reclam, Leipzig 1920, OCLC 174800475 .

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