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In Löhrs Hof (around 1930) looking west

Löhrs Hof was a through yard in Leipzig between Reichsstraße 14 and Nikolaistraße 21/23 and was about 80 meters long from street to street. It was destroyed in World War II.


The front building in Reichsstrasse (around 1930)

The property in Reichsstraße, at that time already reaching to Nikolaistraße, has belonged to the Peilicke family since the beginning of the 16th century, who repeatedly appointed the mayor of Leipzig. In the 16th century the building was called an inn. In 1779 it came into the possession of members of the Löhr family through inheritance and was therefore given its name. The Löhr family also included the banker and councilor Eberhard Heinrich Löhr (1725–1798), who at that time was the owner of Barthels Hof and who built Löhr's garden for himself .

In 1896 the associated head building was rebuilt on Reichsstrasse. A five-storey building with a seven-axis historicism facade was created . The old town house tradition was emphasized by a two-story box bay window . In the course of this construction activity, the house at Nikolaistrasse 23 came back to the property after it had been an independent town house since 1540.

Various companies were located in the side buildings of the elongated courtyard, which in its eastern part had a short turn to the north. After the abolition of horse traffic, their goods had to be transported to the street with handcarts, as cars were not allowed to enter the Leipziger Höfe.

Except for a central part of the south side of the courtyard, the buildings of Löhrs Hof were destroyed in the bombing of December 4, 1943 . When the ruins were removed, the middle section was also removed. During the GDR era, an office building was built on the Nikolaistrasse part of the property , which has since been replaced by a hotel. The area on Reichsstrasse is still used as a parking lot after unsuccessful investment efforts.


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Coordinates: 51 ° 20 ′ 27.3 "  N , 12 ° 22 ′ 38.6"  E