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A market judge was an administrative officer working in a market town in Austria .


The public office, which was particularly widespread in Austria, dealt with administrative activities in a settlement raised to a market town, which was no longer subordinate to the regional court or the regional judge . The market judge was determined with the participation of the citizens and then confirmed by the manor . He was the auxiliary body of the rulership, was responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the submissive community, was in charge of the management of the affairs of the market community and judged cases of low jurisdiction. In larger market parishes he was assisted by juries or councils who had also been appointed.


The market judge had a similar function in the markets as the city ​​judge in the cities. While individual cities soon had a mayor as the highest office (1282 Vienna , 1370/1481 Salzburg , 1388 Freistadt , 1569 Wels ), there was a mayor in individual markets relatively late (1804 Bad Leonfelden ). If there were both offices in one place, the mayor was subordinate to the local judge.

With the revolutionary year of 1848 and the subsequent reforms such as the abolition of basic subservience, the office of market judge was generally replaced by the now elected mayor , just as his councilors became members of the municipal council .

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  • The market judges described here should not be confused with the staff of the same name at the market office in Vienna , which had been the central market supervisory authority since 1504 and thus included other activities.
  • City magistrate
  • District Court (Middle Ages)

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