List of mayors of Vienna

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This list gives an overview of the mayors of Vienna . Since November 10, 1920 (with the exception of the dictatorship 1934–1945) they were or are also the governor of Vienna .

Habsburg monarchy before the establishment of the Austrian Empire

Empire of Austria

The kingdoms and countries represented in the Imperial Council

See also: City Council Weiskirchner

First republic

See also: State government and city senate Reumann to state government and city senate Seitz III

Federal State of Austria (corporate state)

German Reich (Third Reich)

During the Nazi dictatorship, the mayors were subordinate to the Reichsstatthalter ( Gauleiter in his party function ) of the Reichsgau Vienna established in 1939 (see here ). Lord Mayors were:

Second republic

Michael Ludwig (Politiker) Michael Häupl Helmut Zilk Leopold Gratz Felix Slavik Bruno Marek Franz Jonas Theodor Körner (Bundespräsident)

See also: State government and city senate Körner I to state government and city senate Ludwig

Mayor of the City of Vienna since 1945
Surname Life dates Political party Term of office
Rudolf Prikryl 1896-1965 independent 12-15 April 1945 1)
Theodor Körner 1873-1957 SPÖ April 17, 1945-22. June 1951 2)
Franz Jonas 1899-1974 SPÖ June 22, 1951-10. June 1965
Bruno Marek 1900-1991 SPÖ June 10, 1965-21. December 1970
Felix Slavik 1912-1980 SPÖ December 21, 1970-5. July 1973
Leopold Gratz 1929-2006 SPÖ July 5, 1973-10. September 1984
Helmut Zilk 1927-2008 SPÖ September 10, 1984-7. November 1994
Michael Häupl * 1949 SPÖ November 7, 1994-24. May 2018
Michael Ludwig * 1961 SPÖ since May 24, 2018

1) hence the name three-day mayor ; not provincial governor
2) from June 10, 1945, also provincial governor of Vienna


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