Augustin Haffner

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Augustin Haffner (* around 1550 ; † March 20, 1616 in Vienna ) was a merchant and mayor of the city of Vienna from 1604 to 1607 .


Augustin Haffner was the son of master tailor Augustin Haffner, who died in 1565 and owned a house at Kohlmarkt 18. The son sold this house inherited from his father in 1569 and moved to the house of his mother Elisabeth, née Stueter, on Freyung 1, which he inherited in 1580 after her death. After the death of his first wife Magdalena in 1585, he married Eva Ernst, the daughter of Paul Ernst, who was a member of the city's external council, in the same year.

Augustin Haffner became a member of the city's external council in 1580, assessor of the city court and church master of St. Stephan in 1582, and finally a member of the city's internal council in 1584. In 1594 Haffner became chief chamberlain, who was responsible for the city's finances. The Catholic Haffner was elected mayor on December 21, 1603 and headed the Catholic City Council from 1604 to 1607, at a time when the majority Protestant population was to be returned to the Catholic faith through the Counter-Reformation .

Augustin Haffner was very wealthy; At his death he owned eight houses in Vienna, a large estate in Mödling and numerous vineyards. His possessions included the aforementioned house on the Freyung, which he had expanded to include the neighboring house acquired in 1596, the house at Graben 17 acquired by his wife in 1603 , and the Gundelhof at the farmers' market , acquired in 1607 , which he had rebuilt and expanded to include the Thomaskapelle . Haffner also worked as a moneylender.

Haffner's daughter Barbara married the future mayor Paul Wiedemann in 1606.


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