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Hanns Blaschke , also Johann Blaschke (born April 1, 1896 in Vienna , Austria-Hungary , † October 25, 1971 in Salzburg ) was an Austrian patent attorney and politician of the NSDAP .


Hanns Blaschke was the son of a tax officer. He completed his school career at elementary school and high school. He began studying electrical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology in 1914 , which he interrupted after the outbreak of the First World War. As a soldier in the Austro-Hungarian Army , he took part continuously in World War I and was dismissed from the army as a lieutenant in the reserve several times. He then resumed his studies, which he completed in 1922.

From 1926 he worked as an established patent attorney. As early as 1931 he was working as an illegal functionary in the Austrian NSDAP (No. 614.686). After his participation in the July coup of 1934 he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but after two years (due to the provisions of the July Agreement ) pardoned again. In 1938 he took part in the assault on the building of the Fatherland Front at Platz am Hof . After the annexation of Austria he joined the SS (No. 292.790). He became an alderman and councilor in Vienna, as well as head of the care center for old fighters of the "Gaues Wien". First as the third, then as the first Vice Mayor, he was responsible for the cultural office. On December 30, 1943, he finally took over the office of Mayor of Vienna from Philipp Wilhelm Jung , which he held until April 6, 1945. In April 1944 he was promoted to SS-Brigadführer .

In 1948 Blaschke was sentenced to six years imprisonment and deprivation of property in Vienna for high treason . He lost his citizenship and all academic degrees were revoked. However, this judgment was overturned in March 1958 at his instigation.

Blaschke's daughter, Gertrud Barna, was an actress at the Deutsches Volkstheater in Vienna.


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