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Łukasz "LUC" Rostkowski (born September 16, 1981 in Zielona Góra ) is a Polish hip-hop artist. He is co-founder of Kanał Audytywny .

Live and act

Rostkowski's career under the stage name LUC began in 2003 in the hip-hop / trip-hop group Kanał Audytywny, which he founded . After the release of three albums, the group broke up and he began a solo career. With his first solo albums he first developed the sound of Kanał Audytywny, which is characterized by a mixture of often jazzy live instrumentation, lots of samples and electronics, as well as its abstract, humorous and often socially critical performance, which is performed in a very characteristic way Texts distinguished. He recorded the 2007 album Homoxymoronomatura with Rahim von Paktofonika . On Płyta skirtotymiczna and Haelucenogenoklektyzm also had Leszek Możdżer guest appearances. On Planet Luc , LUC was accompanied by Urszula Dudziak .

The two-part project Zrozumieć Polskę , which is dedicated to the history of Poland, was created between 2009 and 2011 - on both albums he combines historical audio recordings with electronic and sometimes orchestral music. The second part, WAR | SAW , was dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising and was published by the Warsaw Uprising Museum under LUC's real name. For the first part, 39/89 , Rostkowski was awarded the Paszport Polityki in 2009.

In 2010 the experimental album PyyKyCyKyTyPff was released , the "instrumentation" of which consists exclusively of electronically superimposed and looped beatboxing sequences. A year later, the autobiographical concept album Kosmostumostów , dedicated to Wroclaw , Rostkowski's adopted home (called Miasto Stu Mostów , the city of 100 bridges), followed . The album also contained a comic, and several murals were created in Wroclaw that were inspired by the album. Around the same time, Rostkowski started the initiative Pospolite ruszenie (actually aristocratic contingent ), which was directed against supposedly ugly building design in Wroclaw. He also initiated the Rymolyrikodyktando festival , which is dedicated to maintaining the language.

In 2013 he cooperated with the accordion trio Motion Trio , with whom he recorded two albums. At the same time, the chill-out album Sleepoholic was created , which was available as a free download.

He studied law at the University of Wroclaw . He processes his student life repeatedly in his songs, among others on Haelucenogenoklektyzm and especially Kosmostumostów .


  • Kanał Audytywny Spasoasekuracja (2003, without label)
  • Kanał Audytywny Płyta skirtotymiczna (2004, Agencja Artystyczna MTJ)
  • Kanał Audytywny Neurophotoreceptoreplotyka jako magia bytu (2005, 2-47 Records)
  • Haelucenogenoklektyzm: Przypowieść o zagubieniu w przestrzeni (2006, Kayax Production)
  • LUC i Rah Homoxymoronomatura (2007, Kayax Production)
  • Planet Luc (2008, Mystic Production)
  • 39/89 Zrozumieć Polskę (2009, EMI Music Polska)
  • Planet Luc Energocyrkulacje (Remix album; 2009, EMI Music Poland)
  • PyyKyCyKyTyPff (2010, EMI Music Poland)
  • Łukasz Rostkowski WAR | SAW Zrozumieć Polskę (2011, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego )
  • Kosmostumostów (2011, EMI Music Poland)
  • LUC & Motion Trio Nic się nie stało (2013, EMI Music Poland)
  • LUC & Motion Trio City of Harmony (2013, accordion)
  • Łukasz Rostkowski Sleepoholic (2013, Parlophone Music Poland)
  • REFleksje o miłości apdejtowanej selfie (2014, Warner Music Poland)
  • Przekrój (compilation; 2014, Warner Music Poland)
  • Rebel Babel Ensemble Dialog I (2016, Agora)
  • Good LUCK (2018, Agora)

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