LFO (band)

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Mark Bell at an LFO performance in Moscow, 2013
Mark Bell at an LFO performance in Moscow, 2013
General information
Genre (s) Electronica / IDM
founding 1990
resolution 2014
Website warp.net/artists/91279-lfo
Last occupation
Mark Bell († 2014)
former members
Gez Varley (until 1997)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  UK 42 09/03/1991 (2 weeks)
  UK 44 02/10/1996 (1 week)
  UK 12 07/14/1990 (10 weeks)
We are back
  UK 47 07/06/1991 (3 weeks)
What is house
  UK 62 02/01/1992 (2 weeks)
Tied up
  UK 85 03/12/1994 (1 week)
Duke Of Earlsfield (Sabers Of Paradise vs. LFO)
  UK 98 06/05/1995 (1 week)
  UK 79 06/09/2003 (2 weeks)

LFO was an English IDM / Electronica band. The band name is an abbreviation of the synthesizer modulation source Low Frequency Oscillator .

At the beginning of the 1990s, LFO was one of the first bands of the more abstract techno sound, sometimes only partially suitable for the dance floor , which originated in the area of Warp Records and was initially called "Bleep & Clonk".


Founding members were Gez Varley and Mark Bell, who met in 1984 at a breakdance contest in Leeds .

Their first demo together, the track of the same name, LFO , was passed on to their producers, friends of Nightmares on Wax , through whom the track found its way into the clubs. The popularity that LFO achieved there led them to be signed to Warp Records in 1990. The single, released a short time later, sold over 130,000 copies and hit the UK charts straight away.

Following the success of LFO and the subsequent We Are Back release, LFO released their first album Frequencies in 1991 , which was still a rarity for a techno project at the time. LFO later took on production and remix assignments for, among others, Afrika Bambaataa , Björk , Radiohead , Depeche Mode , Laurent Garnier and Andrew Weatherall ( The Sabers of Paradise ).

At the suggestion of the label, LFO went on a short tour. But already the third appearance ended in a fight between Bell and Varley on stage, who were supposedly worn down by the pressure to succeed. Gez Varley left LFO in 1997. Since then, Mark Bell continued LFO as a solo project until his death in October 2014.

Discography (selection)

Most of the publications appeared on Warp Records and were distributed in Germany by Rough Trade Records .


  • 1991: Frequencies (Warp Records)
  • 1996: Advance (Warp Records)
  • 2003: Sheath (Warp Records)

Singles and EPs

  • 1990: LFO (Warp Records)
  • 1991: Love Is the Message / Tan Ta Ra ( Tommy Boy Music )
  • 1991: We Are Back (Warp Records)
  • 1991: What Is House? (Warp Records)
  • 1994: Tied Up (Warp Records)
  • 1994: LFO Versus FUSE - Loop ( Plus 8 )
  • 2003: Freak (Warp Records)
  • 2005: LFO / AFX - Untitled (Warp Records)

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