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Labrusco is a red wine variety . The red grape variety is grown in the northern Portuguese region of Douro . It is also approved in the Minho and thus in the wines of Vinho Verde . The high-yielding variety produces simple red wines that are only used in blends with other grape varieties.

The name Labrusco is often used incorrectly:

  • On the one hand, the Italian Lambrusco , a family of grapes that gives rise to the sparkling red wine of the same name, can be meant.
  • Sometimes, however, the wild grape Vitis labrusca is only briefly called Labrusco.
  • Labrusco is also a synonym for the white grape variety Palomino .
  • Synonyms: none known
  • Origin: unknown

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

In ampelography , the habitus is described as follows:

  • The tip of the shoot is very hairy with white wool, with a crimson tinge. The young leaves are yellowish in color and spotted bronze (anhocyanic spots).
  • The medium-sized leaves are usually five-lobed (more rarely seven-lobed) and deeply indented. The stalk bay is lyren-shaped open, with the ends occasionally overlapping. The leaf margin is bluntly serrated. The teeth are medium-sized compared to the grape varieties. The leaf surface (also called blade) is hardly blistered.
  • The cone-shaped grape is medium-sized and moderately dense. The round berries are small to medium-sized and black-blue in color.

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