Lancia Autoblinda Lince

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Lancia Autoblinda Lince
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General properties
crew 2
length 3.18 m
width 1.71 m
height 1.50 m
Dimensions 3.048 t
Armor and armament
Armor up to 30 mm
Main armament 1 × Breda 38
drive Lancia Astura 8 cylinder petrol engine
44 kW (60 PS)
Top speed 86 km / h (road)
Power / weight 19.1 hp / t
Range 300 km

The Lancia Lince Autoblinda was an Italian four-wheeled reconnaissance vehicles in World War II . It is a replica of the British Daimler Dingo from the manufacturers Lancia and Ansaldo . The German Wehrmacht used the vehicle under the designation Panzerspähwagen Lince 202 (i) . The name Lince is Italian and means lynx in German .

History and use

Starting in 1942, the Italian Army Command formulated the requirements for an additional reconnaissance tank. They were looking for an addition to the Autoblindo AB41 . In the African campaign had been able to capture a number of British Daimler Dingos. The Italian Army assessed the Dingo as an advanced vehicle after various tests. The all-wheel steering , maneuverability and off-road capabilities were particularly convincing. The first prototype was presented in November 1942. The 8-cylinder from the Lancia Astura was used as the engine .

Due to the armistice of Cassibile , the Lince could no longer be introduced by the Italian army. The German Wehrmacht assessed the design extremely positively and ordered 300 copies, of which 129 copies could be delivered by the end of the war. A few copies were delivered to the Italian Social Republic . A total of 263 vehicles were manufactured.


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